It is our mission to guarantee counselling at the highest level, undertaken within a warm, family-like atmosphere.

The experts of our clinic will inform you and give advice on the various, necessary, tests, as well as the treatments suggested. If requested, we also offer psychotherapeutic help and advice on nutritional matters. You will receive detailed and proper indication as to what the costs incurred will be, as well as to whether these may be covered by the IVF-Fonds of the Ministry of Health, Family and Youth. To the extent that it is of concern for you, we will inform and update you on the legal foundations of fertility treatment and medicine.

In anything that we do your individual situation is in the foreground. From experience we know, that each couple has it┬┤s own history, and our treatment, aligned with internationally adjusted standards, accounts for that. In conversation with our expert staff you will receive all the important information regarding the required tests and the various possible treatments. The optimal treatment will be found as a result of a thorough analysis of the couples prior history, thus, within reasonable time and financial effort leading to a pregnancy.