Female Fertitlity

A reduction in female fertility can be caused by various factors. The most common are:

- endocrine causes: disturbances in the hormonal balance, that negatively affect the reproductive organs (ovaries + uterus).

- tubal sterility: The tubes are instrumental for the transport between ovaries and uterus. The function of the tubes can be impacted negatively through a tubal pregnancy, inflammation or abdominal surgery.

- endometriosis: this term indicates mucuous uteral tissue outside the uterus. This tissue agglomeration adapts to the cyclical changes and causes pain and may even cause damage to the healthy tissue. Frequently endometriotic tissue is located in the ovaries, the tubes and the abdomen, and may lead to a decline in female fertility.

- immunological factors: in rare cases the female immune system may hinder fertilisation or nidation

- idiopathic sterility: this term depicts the situation of childless couples where no organic condition can be diagnosed for the infertility.